Custom Clothing

When we say custom clothing we mean it. We offer the best of both worlds. First we have classic heat-pressed full color clothing in which we use the top quality design transfers and top of the line heat-presses. These items have minimums of 10. 2nd we have fill sublimated performance clothing. The items off poly wicking material and ability to customize the logos, add numbers and names, and even change the color of the item and even add patterns like ombre. Sublimation offer the ability to customize the clothing any way you want.

Advantages of Sublimated Clothing

Unlimited Design Options: Sublimated custom clothing offers the freedom to print intricate patterns, gradients, and photographic images, allowing for creative and unique designs that stand out.


Durability: Sublimated prints are embedded into the fabric, making them highly resistant to fading, cracking, or peeling. This ensures vibrant colors and design even after multiple washes, providing a longer lifespan.


Breathability: Sublimation printing retains the fabric's natural breathability, creating lightweight and breathable garments, especially beneficial for sportswear or activewear.


Customization: Sublimated clothing allows unparalleled customization, ideal for sports teams, companies, or individuals looking to express their personal style. Logos, graphics, names, and numbers can be incorporated to bring your vision to life.


No Color Limitations: Sublimation allows for unlimited color options, resulting in vibrant and eye-catching designs. Colors are infused into the fabric, delivering a rich and vibrant print.


Custom Sizing and Cut: Sublimated clothing can be custom-made, offering the flexibility to make design changes on the fly. It allows for custom sizing and adjustments in cut, such as adding curves or altering sleeve lengths to suit individual preferences.